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Amazon Molly

This ordinary-looking fish actually has something really amazing about it, though you’d hardly tell by looking at her. No, I’m not an expert fish sexer, I know this one is a girl because ALL Amazon mollies are girls. They have … Continue reading

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BP Oil Spill

  So… this is what we’re up against.Courtesy of zefrank.

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This tiny, adorable critter is a Kinkajou, a small mammal that lives in South America and lives off small insects, fruit, but mostly honey. In fact, they’re also called “honey-bears”. They’ve got a long, skinny tongue which they use to … Continue reading

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White Rhinocerous

Southern White Rhinos, once at the brink of extinction, are now rumored to be around 17,000 individuals. Stupendous news, for such a beautiful animal. I had the privilege of being able to work around these beautiful animals every single day … Continue reading

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Now, this may be old news to some of you, but for the past few years, bees have actually been in significant danger. Many people, I’m sure, are ambivalent, or even happy about this. But despite the stings, bees are … Continue reading

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