White Rhinocerous

Southern White Rhinos, once at the brink of extinction, are now rumored to be around 17,000 individuals. Stupendous news, for such a beautiful animal. I had the privilege of being able to work around these beautiful animals every single day for about 4 months. I feel that you really can’t quite imagine the sheer power of these animals without seeing them in person, so I do suggest heading out to a zoo or something like it to see them. For being anywhere from 4000-6000 pounds each, they can turn on a dime and seem lighter on their feet than even a horse. The only sociable rhinos, they actually live in herds, whereas most other species of rhino tend to be fairly solitary. They also live out on the savannah, not hidden away in the bush.

Southern White Rhinos are also the last hope for preserving the bloodline of Northern White Rhinos, which are thought to be extinct in the wild, and there are only 8 individuals in captivity, and seem unreceptive to breeding efforts.

Finally- LOOK AT THAT BABY! Gosh, you can’t get rid of an animal that has a baby that adorable.


About Katie

I'm a student at MSU, but I drive safari trucks on my days off. I love animals, and I love trying to tell people about them. I also have an incurable obsession with Disney.
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