My first return!

Well, today I’m packing for my first return as a seasonal worker at Kilmanjaro Safaris! Last time I drove a safari, I was a CP, so this might be different. They’ve also started incorporating stops in the ride, I believe, so that will be a change.

This trip has been more stressful than it really should be. I’m leaving for a 2-week Alaskan cruise tonight (boat leaves tomorrow), and once I get off the boat, I’m getting on a plane down to Florida. So for the next two weeks, I’m with limited internet access and no phone access, which isn’t normally a problem, but for the second time, my Florida plans have fallen through. As of right now, I don’t know exactly where I’m staying for my 2 weeks there. Hopefully someone steps up, otherwise I’m going to have to stay in a hotel and effectively lose money on the trip, something I can’t really afford right now. Either way, I’ll make it work, and hopefully won’t be too stressed out on my cruise.

Here’s to hoping I have some good safari stories soon!


About Katie

I'm a student at MSU, but I drive safari trucks on my days off. I love animals, and I love trying to tell people about them. I also have an incurable obsession with Disney.
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