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It’s been far too long since I actually wrote about an animal. This is a Kakapo, also known as the parrot owl. They live exclusively in New Zealand. Because New Zealand contained no mammals other than bats for millions of … Continue reading

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Seduction and Sex in the Animal World (SFW! … kinda)

Sooo, I’ve been having a bit of worry over my status at Safaris. Because of the new operating procedures, I’ll need to be re-trained, and they’ve already dumped a lot of seasonal workers already, because it’s not worth re-training people … Continue reading

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Going into other spots

“Said Leopard to Baviaan (and it was a very hot day), ‘Where has all the game gone?’ And Baviaan winked. He knew. Said the Ethiopian to Baviaan, ‘Can you tell me the present habitat of the aboriginal Fauna?’ (That meant … Continue reading

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Addaxes in the rumor mill.

A quick note while I have a chance. A little bird told me that there may be a few changes coming up at safaris. I hear that there may be a new animal roaming the Harambe Reserve soon. That beautiful … Continue reading

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What do they do and why do they do it?

I decided I needed some non-Disney related posts, and also an increase in the amount of animals on this site! It’s been like 2 months and I haven’t posted anything about animals. SO, I thought I’d treat you with a … Continue reading

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White Rhinocerous

Southern White Rhinos, once at the brink of extinction, are now rumored to be around 17,000 individuals. Stupendous news, for such a beautiful animal. I had the privilege of being able to work around these beautiful animals every single day … Continue reading

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